Wine, She Drank – A Mystery Wine & Food Affair

Join us for a bewitching soirée, shrouded in enigma and opulence, as we gather atop Marilu’s hidden rooftop sanctuary nestled within the enigmatic heart of Siggiewi square. Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable night, where the boundaries between reality and mystery blur, and secrets unravel with every sip and bite.

As the sun delicately descends, casting a cloak of twilight upon the tranquil village, your journey begins with a welcome drink, accompanied by tantalizing canapés that whisper promises of hidden flavors and clandestine delights. High above, under the watchful gaze of the stars, our ethereal feast awaits.

A carefully curated selection of Holy Wines, chosen from Holy Wine’s illustrious portfolio, shall be your guide through this enchanting evening…

However, here lies the riddle: their true identities shall remain concealed, a secret closely guarded until the culmination of this enigmatic affair. With each sip, you shall embark upon a quest of the senses, endeavoring to unravel the mystifying enigma held within each glass.

Oh, but there is more! Embrace the spirit of adventure and daring, for those bold enough to venture a guess shall vie for the coveted prize—a free bottle of this sacred elixir, whispered of only in hushed tones. It is an evening woven with the threads of intrigue, where firsts and surprises dance in harmony, awaiting your arrival.

Step into the realm of mystery and indulgence, where wine flows like forbidden knowledge and flavors entwine in an intricate dance upon your palate. Dare to embrace the unknown and uncover the secrets hidden within Marilu’s rooftop sanctuary.



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