Holy Wine Club

It’s already been three years since I’ve started Holy Wines, and although it started out of a rash decision made while visiting Quinta de Soalheiro in Portugal, this is proving to be an adventure I’m really relishing. I had no idea of the wine industry in Malta at the time and against industry experts’ advice, I decided to get only wines that I love and that are not yet available in Malta, rather than getting what’s already selling on the market.

Three years down the line, what started as a passion-project is now my full time job 😊. This is a surprise to myself as much as it may be to you! Obviously this happened with a lot of hard work but also because, after all, you are also interested in drinking something different, off the beaten path and are not afraid to try different wines from less popular regions.

To celebrate these three years I decided to give something back to you my loyal customers. I’ll be starting a wine club based on a points system which is acquired with each invoice over €100.00. With each invoice over €100.00 you’ll be earning 10 points which will be marked on the invoice. 10 points equals €10, i.e. every point equals €1. On the first week of these four months, (March, June, September & December) these points can be redeemed for a surprise wine chosen by myself from the Holy Wines collection. The points will keep accumulating unless redeemed, giving you flexibility on the value of the surprise wine.

April 2023

A year on since I started this club & judging by the success so far I’ve decided to add a short list of benefits for all members on top of the points system which is already in place.

– I’m slowly accumulating a small collection of wines from older vintages which I will be offering for sale from time to time. These will be offered to the club members first.

-Some wines I’ll be importing in the future are going to be on a by allocation basis only & would be in very limited numbers. These would also be offered to the members first, even before the HoReCa industry.

-For all future wine events hosted by Holy Wines, members & their guest will be entitled to a 10% discount on all expenses related to the wine part of the event. Not applicable for the food as it’s not provided by Holy Wines.

– Each time an existent club member introduces a new member to the club they will automatically be awarded 10 points on their next purchase & 10 points will also be awarded to the referral.

-Membership will be automatically renewed free of charge when acquiring a minimum of 60 points on wine purchases per calendar year.

– I will also start offering subscription packages for the more adventurous drinkers who are interested in getting a box of surprise wines every month. This can also be THE ideal gift for any wine lover or enthusiast you may know & want to gift something different & out of the box.

These subscription packages will be available at €50, €80, €100 & €150 monthly & can vary from a minimum of 3 bottles to a maximum of 6 per month. Free delivery will also be included on these subscriptions & 25% discount on the first month will be awarded for agreements of a minimum of 6 months. So take a step into the unknown, be open to some surprises & enjoy the wines.


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