Ag.hora 2020

Grape: Alvarinho
Alcohol: 12% abv
Type: Dry White
Vintage: 2020
Format: 75cl
Designation: Vinho Verde DOC
Region: Monção e Melgaço
Country: Portugal




Soalheiro Ag.hora is about people! Being inspired by the oldest winemaking tradition, this wine is a result of a desire to welcome new ideas at Soalheiro and create a unique wine through sharing cultures and knowledge between young Georgians and the team of Soalheiro. Ag.hora, in its core, is Soalheiro’s belief that people with passion can create innovative, different, unique results through sharing culture, knowledge and experience. The name Ag.hora is a merge of two Portuguese words: “agora” and “hora”, meaning “now” and “time” because this wine is a result of Soalheiro’s mindset that the “time for difference is now”. Soalheiro Ag.hora is a distinct wine with a strong character perfect to accompany food. It certainly prefers heartier plates such as fatty fish dishes, lamb, duck, roasted chicken, mature cheeses, and anything in a walnut sauce or with mushrooms, such as a nice risotto. This wine has a gold-yellow colour. The aroma is different because of the skin contact and the flavour is elegant with tannins on the palate. The grapes are grown using practices that support biodiversity and the viticultural ecosystem, promoting environmental sustainability. The vinification is inspired by a Georgian style of winemaking. Alvarinho grapes are hand-harvested, partially destemmed and
gently foot-treaded. The wine is wild-fermented in Terracotta followed by a period of three months of skin maceration before it is carefully pressed in a vertical press. The wine obtained from
the press is aged in old oak barrels.

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