Giovi London Dry Gin

Giovi London Dry Gin

Winner of the Ampolla D'Oro 2022 by the La Guida Spirito Autoctono

Infusions: Tuscan Juniper berries, Pink Peppercorns, Rosemary, Myrtle, Pink Grapefruit & Lemon Peel
Alcohol: 42% abv
Type: White Spirit
Vintage: N.V.
Country: Italy




This Gin is started with the base of the Giovi Vodka, which in itself its already infused with organic botanicals, from the Peloritani territory, before its distilled in a pot still. After this step, the Gin will be ready to be refined and then diluted with water from the Peloritani Mountains.  Appearance is completely clear and crystalline. It is remarkable how it sticks to the walls of the glass during a tasting, proof of the quality of the distillation process. On the nose; it’s full of rose juniper notes, while also being very Mediterranean, with aromas of aromatic herbs such as bay leaf, oregano, sage and rosemary. Particularly pungent and pleasantly spiced. Aromas of citrus and fruit close this incredible bouquet of smells. On the palate; strong and spicy entry with main aromas being juniper, pink pepper, while also herbaceous, balsamic and oily with flavours of citrus and aromatic herbs, which are well balanced with the botanicals and giving away to a pleasant creamy yet waxy texture. Slightly tannic and fresh finish that leads to freshly picked mint. Serve either neat at 14 ° in a tasting glass or blend it with: Martini for an excellent cocktail where it gives the best of itself & together with a structured tonic makes the perfect  Gin-Tonic. The Mediterranean botanicals also go very well with bitters and vermouth to compose a classic Negroni.

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