Le Paria 2021 – Grenache

93/100 Points by Decanter

Grape: Grenache
Alcohol: 13% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2021
Format: 75cl
Classification: Vin de France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Country: France



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“Once upon a time there was an unwanted grape variety planted in our regions. “Not mature enough” for some, “too austere” and “out of place” for others. “Just perfect” in our opinion. This grape is Grenache, and the result is in this bottle. An appetizing and juicy wine to be shared between free drinkers.
A free drinker”

100% Grenache and declassified as Vin de France, this is part of the limited bottled ” Les Dissidents” range.
Following a number of experiments, a whole instinctive range comprised of micro-cuvees and varietal wines, prohibited by the appellation, in truly exclusive, libertarian style with a choice of what the winemaker believe to be the best varieties of the soil, this unclassified range of French wine defies the institutions, their regulations and conventional wine. Yield of 45 hectoliters per hectare with non sulfite fermentation with indigenous yeasts and bio-protection (by using non saccharomyces yeasts to avoid brettanomyces.) Post fermentation maceration for 10 days at 35 degrees Celsius, malolactic fermentation and aging for 3 months in concrete tanks. A lovely fragrant nose of wild cherries, violets and pomegranate. Cured game and raspberries on the nose. But then when taking a sip, your whole mouth fills with peppercorns. Quite extraordinary and arresting! It almost distracts from the rather scrumptious, gleeful plum and raspberry wine-gums fruitiness. Again a wine you could chill and just vacuum up with a barbecue. This ends up with a trace of ink dust and crumbled dried rosemary on the finish. Made like candy, this wine is so trendy and punchy.

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