Salpicão de Melgaço

Salpicão de Melgaço


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Salpicão de Melgaço is a traditional smoke cured sausage, straight, cylindrical, brown colored, with a diameter between 4 and 8 cm and length that can vary between 14 and 22 cm, made from Bisaro pork loin, loins, hams and shoulders.

This is a smoked sausage, whose organoleptic characteristics are the result of the breed and traditional feeding of the animals with products traditionally grown in the region, as well as the specific local microclimate and the know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Aroma: intense with a predominantly pleasant cured aroma. Texture: product with moderate juiciness, quite firm and tender.
Flavor: it has an intense flavor that is quite characteristic, not very sweet, slightly acidic and spicy, and moderately salty.
Salpicão is usually eaten raw, cut thinly and slightly oblique (it is important to use very sharp knives).