Spätburgunder „CCL“ 2013

Spätburgunder „CCL“ 2013

4.5/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 13.5% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2013
Format: 75cl
Classification: Lagenwein (Classified Superior Vineyards)
Region: Baden
Country: Germany





Despite the challenges in the vineyards, Fritz Waßmer has achieved a beautiful finish with this wine which delivers an almost sumptuous fruit that interacts beautifully with the finely integrated aromas from the significant oak aging. Black cherries & strawberries which together create a refined fruity sweetness, and underneath, a fine dark bitter chocolate, a little leather and a spongy forest floor for added depth and complexity. Rich and elegant Spätburgunder, which one likes to linger in for a long time.


Baden is situated in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, bordering France to the west and Switzerland to the south. It stretches from the northern part of the Black Forest to the northern outskirts of the city of Basel.

Baden is known for its vibrant wine culture, and various wine festivals and events take place throughout the year. These festivals provide an excellent opportunity for locals and visitors alike to taste and enjoy the region’s wines.

Climate & Terroir

The region benefits from a relatively mild climate, thanks to its proximity to the Rhine River and the shelter provided by the Black Forest to the east. The diverse terroir of the region, including various soil types and microclimates, allows for the cultivation of a wide range of grape varieties.

Premium Wine Range

The premium wine range are coming from carefully selected vineyards. These vineyards may have specific characteristics, such as unique soil types, optimal microclimates, and well-established vines, which contribute to the wines’ exceptional quality. There wines are aged for an extended period to develop complexity, depth, and character with various aging techniques, such as aging in oak barrels, to impart additional flavors and textures to the wines.


 Fritz Waßmer had simply acknowledged that the best grapes would not necessarily spend the longest time in new casks and in connection with the 2011 harvest he decided to “steal” some of the fruit from some of the oldest vines at Staufener Schlossberg and Roter Berg at Kenzingen to produce an extra full Spätburgunder.

The wine was subsequently named CCL, and if you were unsure where to place it in the hierarchy, you only had to distinguish the price when the first vintage was released in spring 2014. CCL is also the first 3 letters of the Latin term “Caelestino Cum Largitate “, which is best translated into “heavenly and overwhelming “. A careful sorting both during and after the harvest. The grapes are naturally harvested by hand and driven down to the winery in small plastic boxes where all stalks are removed before the grapes are crushed and spontaneously fermented in just 2 new French casks. Subsequently, 14 months of aging follow in barrels before the wine is bottled without further clarification or filtration. 

Ideal drinking temperature 10 °C.

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