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Viña Zorzal’s story begins in 1989, when, after a lifetime working in wine, Antonio Sanz fulfilled his dream of producing his own wines in Navarra, Spain. He soon realized that the production of great wines depended not only on work in the winery, but also on careful attention to the vines and their treatment and care. Today his sons realise the importance of this decision in allowing them to create something special in the exciting world of wine. 

Native grape varieties from Navarra that had been almost forgotten were rescued, producing single varietal wines based on the values of authenticity and simplicity, wines that speak for themselves and are affordable for everyone. This is Viña Zorzal.

During the first years Viña Zorzal attracted enough attention to be recognised for the work with the Graciano grape and won the approval of some of the wine world’s most important critics. After the success with Graciano, the next step was to work with Navarra’s varietal par excellence: Garnacha. On the one hand the goal was to create a rosé wine that echoed those of the past: authentic, straightforward, and on the other hand, they were eager to produce Garnacha wines with the complexity provided by old vines in abandoned vineyards near the winery within the boundaries of Fitero, on the edge of the Ebro River valley and the start of the Iberian mountains. 

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Viña Zorzal Team

With the focus firmly on terroir, a project to create wines from parcels that show the typical characteristics of such a special area began. 

Viña Zorzal Wines, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, is located in the heart of Navarra’s Ribera Baja region, in the centuries-old village of Corella. 

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