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Holy Wines - Bohini - Wine Wasting - Beginners - Mgarr

Hi everyone, at Holy Wines things are starting to go back to some sort of normalcy 😇. Warehouse has been decluttered after the Christmas season chaos, stock taking carried out, new orders submitted & it’s time to plan some events for the first part of 2024

One of the first things that comes to mind, is how sometimes wine tasting can seem daunting for young wine enthusiasts. So instead of a wine & dine event in a restaurant like I usually do, I’ve decided to start with a standing wine tasting event at a hip bistro targeted at those who are sometimes afraid or put off with the snobbery that more often than not surrounds the wine world.

I was never the person to follow trends, so being part of, & working in the wine industry made me realise more than ever before, of this division between the young enthusiast (I also was once) & the wine connoisseurs. So I know how it feels when you’re looked down upon because you don’t know how to better explain what you’re exactly smelling or tasting. I hate this & I never was & never will be a part of this either. My believe is still that wine just needs to be enjoyed, rather than analysed to the smallest details. Yes there are times when it needs to be analysed, but never on a Friday evening.

With this in mind I’ve prepared a line up of 6 totally different premium wines (as we don’t want to disappoint some seasoned drinkers either, since this line-up is too good to miss 😅), I will explain each wine in small detail, enough to learn more about what you’re tasting, giving you a better overall experience, without going into too much detail that no one wants at the start of the weekend.

This tasting will take place at Bohini, Mgarr & the bistro is also preparing a grazing  table with dips, cheeses & charcuterie to go with the wines along with free flowing water.

One last thing, the line-up below ⬇️ is really diverse & exciting!

A bubbly Pinot Noir, a Riesling with some age, a Portuguese orange wine, an unfiltered Austrian natural red wine, a classic full bodied Spanish red & a white port to finish everything off on a sweet note.

Info & Wine Line-Up

Venue: Bohini, Mgarr
Date: Friday 23rd February 2024
Time: 20:00
Dress: Casual
Price: Euro 45 (water included)
Pinot Rosé Brut Nature – Fritz Waßmer – Baden – Germany
Estate Riseling 2020 – Dreissigacker – Rheinhessen – Germany
Ag.hora Alvarinho 2020 – Quinta de Soalheiro – Minho – Portugal
Christina Zweigelt 2021 – Christina – Lower Austria – Austria
Demuerte One 2021 – Winery On Creations  – Yecla – Spain
Extra Dry White Port – Blackett – Duoro – Portugal


Kindly call +356 79539865 or email: to book.
Participation is strictly through booking, prepayment via Revolut, BOV Mobile Pay or Bank Transfers, and will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
This is a standing event with a limited number of 30 places.

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