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Winery On Creations is a recently started collaboration between Pablo Cortés & Karel Eissner. Pablo is the winemaker and this project brings the wines he always imagined to life. Karel, co-founder, and creative director, knows how to capture the essence of the wines of his imagination and express them visually in a very powerful and daring way. Their purpose is to give even more meaning to those “good wine moments”, which encourage us consumers to share how they make us feel.

What started as only a new range of wines back in 2015 Demuerte is now the only range in their portfolio. From producing only 3,000 bottles sold locally to distributing more than 150,000 bottles in 35 different countries in just 5 years. Nowadays the couple is totally focusing on the Demuerte range.

Yecla D.O.

The Yecla D.O. is a rising star of the native Monastrell red grape. Perfectly adapted to these lands of Murcia in the east of Spain, since the time of the Phoenicians. A place where the diversity and balance of its vineyards prevail, providing grapes with high aromatic intensity and great fruit concentration. Demanding and delicate in cultivation, these small, thick-skinned grapes like hot, dry climate. This is the perfect combination to produce wines with an intense colour and high concentrations of tannins. Here the nature & permeability of the limestone rock, together with extreme climatic conditions of cold winters & hot summers, force & inspire their wines to develop their distinctive personality.

They work with the best vineyards in the heart of the region, that are between 300 and 600 meters in altitude. Extraordinary Monastrell old vines of over 50 years, some even being pre-phylloxera, and other high-quality varieties for their exclusive blends: Garnacha Tintorera (Alincante Bouschet), Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot, and Verdejo.

Viticulture & Vinification

Low yields per hectare make these grapes small jewels of nature, which are harvested manually. Success is found in the care of the vine and the grape, treating the vineyard without aggressive chemical products and seeking balanced and sustainable production. And, all of these wines are vegan so everyone can enjoy them. Being such a new & young project Pablo & Karel share a winery with the Candela brothers in Yecla, where their wines are created today. The winery is located very close to the vineyards in order to reduce harvest time and achieve the highest possible quality of grapes. They use the most advanced technology: cryomaceration, use of inert gasses, cold stabilization and all wines are bottled on site.

 In short, these are very creative wines. They seek to combine artistic expressions with the design of wines, to promote unforgettable moments and conversations. Wine ideas can be born anywhere. In Valencia, in Germany, in Colombia, in Mexico, in 70s Punk, in the Kitsch movement…The design of each wine is inspired by the organoleptic sensations caused by the wine itself.

Winery On Creations - Demuerte - Buy Spanish Wines in Malta - Holy Wines - Red Wines - Full Bodied Wines - Murcia - Yecla
Pablo Cortés & Karel Eissner

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