Alvarinho 9% 2022

Alvarinho 9% 2022

3.8/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: Alvarinho
Alcohol: 9% abv
Type: Medium Dry White
Vintage: 2022
Format: 75cl
Designation: Vinho Verde DOC
Region: Minho
Country: Portugal





Soalheiro 9% has a lemon-yellow colour and an aromatic profile dominated by citrus and ripe tropical fruits. The flavour is distinguished by an unusual balance between the acidity, sweetness, and low 9% alcohol concentration.


The Alvarinho grapes used in Soalheiro 9% come from several small vineyards planted in granite soil at an altitude of 100 to 200 meters. The plots are located in a very particular microclimate of Monção and Melgaço region created by the surrounding mountain range. This mountain protection fosters a perfect harmony between the rainfall, temperature, and sunshine hours required to achieve the optimal ripeness of the grapes.


The Minho wine region, also known as the Vinho Verde region, is located in the northwest of Portugal. It is one of the country’s most well-known wine regions and is primarily known for producing Vinho Verde wines. The Minho region has a maritime climate, influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is characterized by mild temperatures, high humidity, and frequent rainfall. These conditions are conducive to the growth of grapes and contribute to the region’s vibrant, green landscape.


The grapes are harvested by hand when they reach the desired level of freshness, but without over-maturation, as Soalheiro 9% is not a late-harvest wine. The must is obtained by the pressing of whole grapes, then it is decanted and fermented at a low temperature. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel but does not reach completion. This leaves the wine with a precise balance between sweetness and acidity, as well as a refreshingly low level of alcohol.

Food Suggestions

Naturally, this wine is excellent at the end of a meal, on its own or paired with a sweet dessert. The balance between acidity and residual sugar, however, means it especially shines alongside something more savoury, such as foie gras or a strong, salty cheese. It pairs dangerously well with spicy foods. Certified vegan.

Ideal serving temperature –  8°C.