L’Ame – Malbec 2019

L’Ame – Malbec 2019

3.8/5 - Vivino Rating

Grape: Malbec
Alcohol: 13.5% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2019
Format: 75cl
Region: Castilla La Mancha
Designation: Manchuela DO
Country: Spain




The Wine

100% Malbec. Altolandon were pioneers in this area; they saw that with the altitude, the thermal amplitude & the
levels of insolation, they were in a privileged place for this variety. Rosalia worked with Malbec in Mendoza as a wine maker before & that’s where she fell in love with this variety. Despite this, the Malbec clones they have here come from France.

L’Ame comes from the French Alma which means Soul & this wine reflects the fullest expression of the place where it comes from, stony & poor areas, the altitude of the estate & a cold climate that make this unique variety show us all its splendor. Aromas of red fruits and violets, together with its freshness, complexity and intense ruby ​​lime, make it a wine with SOUL.

Manchuela DO

Manchuela DO is a wine designation in Spain, in between the provinces of Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel, in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. This region is known for producing wines, particularly reds, from grapes like Bobal, Tempranillo, and Garnacha. The climate in Manchuela tends to be continental, with hot summers and cold winters, which can influence the characteristics of the wines produced there. The designation of origin helps to regulate the production and quality standards of wines from this area.

Climate Conditions

The high altitude of 1100 meters above sea level of the Altolandon vineyards have the ideal conditions for high quality production, giving the wines unique and special characteristics in the world. The wine is born from the grape, but the altitude at which it is grown and the terroir from which it comes are fundamental to the final result.

The higher the altitude, the more and better the solar radiation and thus the greater the thermal amplitude. The higher the altitude, the more tannins. The altitude provides a refreshing effect that increases the acidity indexes thanks to the thermal amplitude which results in a higher accumulation of aromas and flavours.

These climatic conditions mean that during the last months of the gestation period, the grapes ripen slowly and over a long period of time. This results in smaller berries with a higher proportion of skin than pulp, which is essential for red wines, as the tannins are found in the skin.

The wines from these grapes offer great variety of colour, breadth and depth of aromas and great complexity on the palate. They are also much more suitable for ageing in barrels, because the higher the acidity and proportion of tannins, the greater the possibility of obtaining wines for ageing.


Grapes arrive at the winery with total respect for the fruit, without breakage & without exposing them to the sun or high temperatures immediately after being harvested from the vineyards surrounding the winery. Selection of bunches is carried out & only healthy & ripe fruit enters the fermentation tanks.

Cold maceration for 2 weeks, followed by a spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in 6000 liter stainless steel tank (no commercial yeasts were used.) Gently presses & aged for 12 months in new 300 liter French oak barrels where malolactic fermentation takes place naturally & spontaneously. Stabilization is also natural, the wine is in deposits during the coldest months, temperatures can go to minus 15º C.

Aromas & Taste

Deep red ruby color, with a floral nose, red fruits, jam & marmalade, dark chocolate & mint, powerful wine that is relevant & with well integrated tannins but in which fruit is still the protagonist, rich and ripe, bold but not
too heavy, tremendous balance, hints of chocolate & spicy notes, concentrated fruit which becomes more expressive on the finish.

Ideal with steak, roast beef or venison; barbecued lamb & pork, aubergine bakes, smoked bacon, duck confit, blue or stilton cheese & dark chocolate. Certified Organic & Vegan.

Ideal serving temperature 16ºC. 


Craziness Level - Natural Wines - Unfined - Unfiltered - No Sulfites - Austria - Buy Austrian Natural Wine in Malta