Punto de Fuga, Corral del Mate 2018

Punto de Fuga, Corral del Mate 2018

96 Points - The Wine Advocate

Grape: Garnacha
Alcohol: 13.5% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2018
Format: 75cl
Designation: Navarra DO
Sub-Region: Ribera Baja
Country: Spain




The Icon

Punto de Fuga – “exit point” – is the geometric location where Viña Zorzal and Matías Michelini families converge to create unique wines around the world.

This project, is really much more than a family of wines from extreme landscapes and unique terroirs. It is a great sentiment, a feeling that unites friends in different parts of the world with a common goal: to share and enjoy these wines.

Navarra DO

Navarra is a wine region in northern Spain, known for its diverse and high-quality wines. It is situated in the Ebro River basin, south of the Pyrenees Mountains, and shares borders with France to the northeast. The region has a rich history of winemaking, with evidence of vine cultivation dating back to the Roman era.

Terroir & Innovation

The region’s diverse geography, which includes plains, valleys, and mountains, contributes to the variety of wines produced. Different microclimates and soil types create ideal conditions for growing various grape varieties.

Navarra has a balance of traditional winemaking practices and a willingness to experiment with modern techniques. This combination allows winemakers to create wines that reflect both the region’s heritage and contemporary trends.


This is a complex vintage, winter was mild but spring was very rainy and cold. Flowering and veraison were 20 days later than previous vintage, altough due to the high temperatures in September, the delay was compensated in 2 weeks. Rain was the most prominent element of the vintage after 2 years of water. deficit but there was an extra effort in the vineyard management. It the end It was a historically fresh and good vintage.


Grapes are 100% Garnacha and was produced with Garnacha from the parcel El Corral de los Altos, in the village of Fitero. This is a different plot from other wines from the same zone they bottle. This comes from 0.53 hectares, with some individual plants that have mutated to Garnacha Gris. Fermented with 100% full clusters in small 1,000-liter vats and then matured in two used 500-liter oak barrels for two years.


This has a different aromatic profile from the other wines from this parcel; there is an iron-like touch (blood too) that transports you to the Northern Rhône (think Côte-Rôtie), making it the wilder and more different Garnacha in the current lineup. It clearly transcends the variety and has great balance and all the ingredients to be long-lived. Bottled in March 2020, with 1,300 bottles produced. 

Ideal serving temperature 16ºC.