Gut Oggau

Gut Oggau is a project in the small town of Oggau in Burgenland, Austria which was started by Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe back in 2007. Their common dream was and still is to create something lasting, to change the world, to be inspired and to inspire. They bought Gut Oggau in 2007, with a lot of enthusiasm, a pinch of naivety, vision and an exciting, rocky, steep road ahead of them. They painstakingly restored the 17th century winery that had been abandoned for 20 years including its 200-year-old screw press. The vines’ 20-year period of neglect was fortunate, as this allowed for all pesticide and chemical treatments to be washed away. This let them begin working immediately on vines organically & biodynamically, where they are now fully Demeter certified. The plunge into the cold water of biodynamic cultivation was done out of conviction, in order to close cycles and to maintain and increase the vitality of the vineyards. They immediately saw natural wine as an opportunity to express their unique soils and origins.

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