The Soalheiro 40 Years Experience

Grape: Alvarinho
Alcohol: 13% abv
Type: Dry Whites
Vintages: 2015 & 2018
Format: 4x 75cl
Designation: Vinho Verde DOC
Region: Monção e Melgaço
Country: Portugal



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Every birth has a story and we don’t know when Soalheiro’s started. It was once the name of an agricultural plot, due to the generous sun exposure, where in 1974 was planted the first continuous Alvarinho vineyard in Melgaço. Then, in 1974, it became the first continuous vineyard of Alvarinho in Melgaço.

We celebrate the anniversary on the day the first bottle of Soalheiro was bottled in 1982. 40 years later that bottle still exists and the label still has written in pen the date that the family made sure to mark: 20-3-1982.

In this premium and exclusive edition you will have the opportunity to taste Soalheiro in time, its evolution, the elasticity of the Alvarinho grape variety and the creativity of a team that today is a family of families.

The Soalheiro 40 Years Experience includes:

  • Soalheiro 40 Years Special Edition
    • 1 bottle of Soalheiro 2015 L15 750 ml
    • 1 bottle of Soalheiro 2015 L1518 750 ml
    • 1 bottle of Soalheiro 2018 L1815 750 ml
    • 1 bottle of Soalheiro 2018 L18 750 ml
  • Exclusive access to a digital wine tasting video with Soalheiro’s oenologist, António Luís Cerdeira
  • 1 Soalheiro 40 years Premium Sommelier Corkscrew
  • Informational guide containing information about Soalheiro, technical sheets about the wines, and tasting notes.