Christina Rosé 2023

Christina Rosé 2023

4/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: Zweigelt
Alcohol: 13.5% abv
Type: Dry Natural Rosé, Unfiltered & Unfined
Vintage: 2023
Format: 75cl
Classification: Landwein
Region: Niederösterreich
Country: Austria





Directly pressed Rosé, light onion-red colour, vitalizing fresh fruit like strawberries & raspberries with animated acidity. The perfect summer companion!


Grapes are coming from the regional vineyards in Carnuntum with red gravel and nutritious loess with some gravel soils. Carnuntum is a wine region located in eastern Austria, near the city of Vienna. It is known for its long history of winemaking, even dating back to the time of the ancient Romans. The region takes its name from the ancient Roman city of Carnuntum, which was an important military and trading center during the Roman Empire.

Carnuntum is situated on the southern banks of the Danube River, where the climate is influenced by the river and the nearby Pannonian Plain. The region has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, and the vineyards are protected by the nearby Leitha Mountains, which help create a favorable microclimate for grape cultivation.


Manual harvest with only selected grapes between the 14th & the 17th September, 2022. For this Rosé, the juice stays with the skins for only a few hours & ferments separately after pressing, so the grape juice is only slightly coloured by the skins & the typical ripe cherry-fruit is preserved. Four hours on mash. Stainless steel fermentation under controlled temperature of 18°C. Fourteen days rest time. One racking follows after four weeks from fermentation on the yeast and another eight weeks on the lees. Bottled unfined & unfiltered with a small addition of sulfur.


Lip-smackingly tasty! Every berry is present in this light, succulent rosé that you’ll want to drink the whole spring and summer (and fall and winter too). When you’re done drinking it on your own, you’ll discover it’s also a versatile food companion – the best thing to serve with it is Christina Netzl’s home-made smoked trout but if you for some reason can’t get that, cold cuts, gravlax, watermelon salad or light veggie dishes work great too.

Ideal drinking temperature 10 °C. Turn bottle gently before opening. Certified organic.


Craziness Level - Natural Wines - Unfined - Unfiltered - No Sulfites - Austria - Buy Austrian Natural Wine in Malta

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