easy-cooler® “five” black

easy-cooler® “five” black

Brand: easy-cooler®
Material: High quality wooden structure combined with stainless steel components                                                                                      Useable for: Mainly for keeping white wine cold & red wine in it’s correct drinking temperature                                                                Cooling Time for Red Wine: Up to 16 hours at about  16° C      Cooling Time for White Wine: Up to 5 hours at about  8° C            Design Type: Single row                                                                                Colour: Black
Capacity: Up to 5 bottles  0,75cl with 9cm diameter
Accessories: 1 acrylic window, 1 inox cooling element, 2 Liebherr freeze accumulators

This price is exclusive of vat.




Advantages of easy-cooler® 

  • electricity independence and maintenance-free – simply cool without electricity
  • easy-cooler® “the Original” cools best!
  • presents your wine in the center point of an event
  • high quality components and stainless steel – no cheap plastic!
  • optimal insulation through reinforced floor
  • sturdy and stable due to compact construction method
  • any easy-cooler is handmade for you
  • present, temper and serve your wines stylish
  • more finesse for your rare wines by right drinking temperature
  • selling more red wine in summer time
  • Stainless steel components are robust and resistant
  • mobile use for parties, celebrations, events and catering
  • attractive wine service in the restaurant
  • perfect brand identity in many decors as cooler for events
  • very convenient for workshops and seminars
  • keeps the wine label dry and clean
  • perfect visibility for the open wine bar – show what you would like to sell
  • full fruit flavors of red wine at 16 ° C
  • great instrument for white and red wine tasting
  • the inox components are robust and sturdy
  • pefect cooler for a barbecue @ home
  • perfectly usable at the breakfast buffet
  • Perfect for use where ice cubes are not allowed!


In most culinary establishment the room temperatures are always higher than the red wine drinking temperature.

Where was the last time, that you had problems with the cooling system of the wine? 

easy-cooler® is an appliance independent from electricity and also independent from a temper appliance.

  • take advantage of the plus points of the visibility – put the easy-cooler® into a position with the viewing direction to the guest.
  • easy-cooler® is also a perfect selling utensil for associates with sommelier knowledge.
  • use the visibility for label drinkers
  • use the easy-cooler® as an open wine card of the day
  • place the easy-cooler® onto your service stations in the restaurant 
  • use the easy-cooler® for wine tastings, presentations or degustation menu with with accompanying wines

Splendid Gift

Delight your wine connoisseur friends, colleagues and family with beautiful wine serving accessories! Great birthday, housewarming, wedding, Christmas or holiday gift.


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