Grappa di Case Bianche

Grappa di Case Bianche

9/10 by Tannico

Grape: Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria)
Alcohol: 43% abv
Type: Grappa
Vintage: N.V.
Format: 50cl
Region: Sicilia
Country: Italy




The Region

Faro DOC is a wine appellation located in the province of Messina, in the northeastern part of Sicily, Italy. It is one of the lesser-known and smaller wine regions in Sicily. It is known for producing unique and distinctive red wines. The vineyards are located on the slopes of hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The unique terroir of the Faro region, characterized by volcanic soils, sea breezes, and a Mediterranean climate, contributes to the distinctiveness of the wines. The proximity to the sea and the volcanic soils impart minerality and freshness to the wines.

This grappa comes from the grape skins used for the “Case Bianche”. It’s her top white wine coming from the vineyard with the same name at practically sea level in the province of Messina and made from 100% Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria). 


This grappa comes from the distillation of the destemmed grapes used for the Case Bianche’ wine. Right after pressing, the skins are taken to the distillery and are slowly distilled in a continuous copper still with a “bain-marie” heating, giving an extraordinary product which is then aged in small 50 liter glass demijohns. This produces a transparent grappa with hints of flowers that is soft on the palate. This grappa is best served in a tulip glass and accompanied by dark chocolate and dried fruit.

Ideal serving temperature –  14°C.