Grappa di Obli’

9/10 by Tannico

Grapes: Nerello Mascelese, Nerello Cappucio, Nocera & Nero D’Avola
Alcohol: 42% abv
Type: Grappa
Vintage: N.V.
Format: 50cl
Classification: Faro DOC
Region: Sicilia
Country: Italy



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This grappa comes from the distillation of the destemmed grapes used for the Obli’ wine. Right after pressing, the skins are taken to the distillery and are slowly distilled in a continuous copper still with a “bain-marie” heating, giving an extraordinary product which is then aged in small oak barriques for at least 18 months. The barrique aging softens the grappa and gives an elegant perfume accompanied by a broad and harmonious aromatic complexity. Intense amber in colour this grappa is best served in a tulip glass and accompanied by dark chocolate and dried fruit.

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