Malayeto 2021

Malayeto 2021

97 Points by Tim Aitkin

Grape: Garnacha
Alcohol: 14% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2021
Format: 75cl
Designation: Navarra DO
Sub-Region: Ribera Baja
Country: Spain




The Vineyard

Malayeto was the first wine to be launched in the series of terroir-focused wines from Fitero, the only place in Navarra located in the Iberian Mountains, just on the geological border between the Sierra de Cameros mountains and the Ebro river basin. The Malayeto parcel is found at a latitude of 42.05° and an altitude of 520 metres, the soils are rocky and stony, with variegated clays, limestone and composite soils. These characteristics, in conjunction with the continental climate, mean that the roots have to burrow deep into the soil to find water.

The aim is to keep on improving the biodiversity of this vineyard, as well as taking active steps to recuperate the native flora. Along with sustainable viticulture practices, these factors define the unique terroir of a sole plot of land.

Navarra DO

Navarra is a wine region in northern Spain, known for its diverse and high-quality wines. It is situated in the Ebro River basin, south of the Pyrenees Mountains, and shares borders with France to the northeast. The region has a rich history of winemaking, with evidence of vine cultivation dating back to the Roman era.

Terroir & Innovation

The region’s diverse geography, which includes plains, valleys, and mountains, contributes to the variety of wines produced. Different microclimates and soil types create ideal conditions for growing various grape varieties.

Navarra has a balance of traditional winemaking practices and a willingness to experiment with modern techniques. This combination allows winemakers to create wines that reflect both the region’s heritage and contemporary trends.


It is a complex vintage, marked by a spring with higher temperatures than normal and above all, with very
high relative humidity for a long time so there was a high risk for fungal attack such as mildew, which needs
very specific conditions for their development.

 In their case, the early strategy worked very well, there was an extra effort in the vineyard management, It was a year of being very aware in the vineyard every day
with the final result of a very fresh and good vintage.


Alcoholic fermentation in 3.500-litre wooden tanks, using just indigenous yeast, malolactic fermentation and 9 months ageing in 300-litre 2 years used French barrels. 2 months refinement in 4.500-litre wooden tanks.


This is the go-to wine here from Zorzal, a Garnacha that
always delivers and the one that defines the
house style and the character of the year. This is soft
and caressing, elegant and harmonious. This is every
bit as good as the 2018 despite the warmer conditions
of the year. While keeping the freshness, there’s also a great purity and detail. Elegant, balanced, extremely
harmonious and seamless, with very fine tannins and
great integration of the oak.

Ideal serving temperature 16ºC.