Garnacha 2022

Garnacha 2022

91 Points by The Wine Advocate

Grape: Garnacha
Alcohol: 13.5% abv
Type: Dry Red
Vintage: 2022
Format: 75cl
Designation: Navarra DO
Sub-Region: Ribera Baja
Country: Spain




The Garnacha

This wine is the result of a clear commitment to respect the tradition with local grapes such as Garnacha, and a concern for the environment through the use of organic production techniques. This is the product of two generations of the Sanz family’s profound knowledge of what their land can produce.

Navarra DO

Navarra is a wine region in northern Spain, known for its diverse and high-quality wines. It is situated in the Ebro River basin, south of the Pyrenees Mountains, and shares borders with France to the northeast. The region has a rich history of winemaking, with evidence of vine cultivation dating back to the Roman era.

Terroir & Innovation

The region’s diverse geography, which includes plains, valleys, and mountains, contributes to the variety of wines produced. Different microclimates and soil types create ideal conditions for growing various grape varieties.

Navarra has a balance of traditional winemaking practices and a willingness to experiment with modern techniques. This combination allows winemakers to create wines that reflect both the region’s heritage and contemporary trends.


This was a very warm vintage. Despite being a dry vintage, the few rainy days were very well distributed and the vineyard did not suffer so much water stress. Grapes were harvested earlier than ever to keep low ph and freshness.


The grapes were harvested by hand when they reached optimum ripeness in each single vineyard. They were picked up and transported to the winery in small boxes. Fermentation temperatures were between 24º and 26ºC, to preserve the character of the fruit. The grapes then undergo a soft pressing and pumping over before bottling.


Dry, fresh, soft tannins and medium body with red fruit flavours, mineral hints and a long finish. It has contained ripeness, berry fruit, hints of licorice and a touch of honey and beeswax. Medium bodied and a juicy mouthfeel
with good grip and tension. Quite serious, more than the
price points at, with some chalkiness and without any
heaviness or heat. Purity.

Ideal serving temperature 14ºC.