Ag.hora Loureiro 2021

Ag.hora Loureiro 2021

Grape: Loureiro
Alcohol: 11% abv
Type: Dry White (Skin Contact, Orange Wine)
Vintage: 2021
Format: 75cl
Designation: Vinho Verde DOC
Region: Minho
Country: Portugal





Soalheiro Ag.hora Loureiro has been a pleasant Georgian-style surprise. The tannins have become smooth and the wine delicate and elegant, which is something difficult to achieve with this style of winemaking.


The Minho wine region, also known as the Vinho Verde region, is located in the northwest of Portugal. It is one of the country’s most well-known wine regions and is primarily known for producing Vinho Verde wines. The Minho region has a maritime climate, influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is characterized by mild temperatures, high humidity, and frequent rainfall. These conditions are conducive to the growth of grapes and contribute to the region’s vibrant, green landscape.


Soalheiro Ag.hora Loureiro is made with grapes from Valença, a terroir where the Atlantic influence is felt, where the temperature range is relatively low, thus preserving the typical aromas of this variety.


The winemaking process of Soalheiro Ag.hora Loureiro was inspired by the Georgian style. After harvesting the grapes from Loureiro by hand, they were partially destemmed and gently foot-stomped. Inside the Terracottas, the wine was fermented with spontaneous yeasts, remaining in contact with the skins for about three months. Subsequently, it was carefully pressed in a vertical press, returning to being placed in the Terracottas for a stage of at least 4 months, without the skins.

Food Suggestions

Soalheiro Ag.hora Loureiro is a distinguished wine, with a strong character and perfect to pair food or to be discovered in a wine bar by the glass. Its profile matches oily fish, lamb, duck, roast chicken and cured cheeses. It also pairs well with dishes that include cream sauce or mushrooms, such as a delicious risotto.

Ideal serving temperature –  11°C.


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