Chardonnay 2023

Chardonnay 2023

3.8/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: Chardonnay
Alcohol: 13% abv
Type: Dry White
Vintage: 2023
Format: 75cl
Classification: Qualitätswein Carnuntum DAC
Region: Niederösterreich
Country: Austria





“Abundance of juice and spice in the nose, yellow apples, melons and hey, nice acidity, fresh and animating.”


Grapes are coming from the Altenberg & Haidäcker vineyards in, Carnuntum with gravel & nutritious loess soils. Carnuntum is known for its long history of winemaking, even dating back to the time of the ancient Romans. The region takes its name from the ancient Roman city of Carnuntum, which was an important military and trading center during the Roman Empire. has a continental climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters, which creates favorable conditions for growing Chardonnay grapes. The region’s unique terroir, with its loess and loam soils, along with the influence of the nearby Danube River, contributes to the distinctive characteristics of Chardonnay wines from Carnuntum. Chardonnay wines from Carnuntum often exhibit a vibrant acidity, which is complemented by flavors of ripe fruits such as apple, pear, and citrus. The wines can have a pronounced mineral character, reflecting the influence of the region’s soils.


The warm, gentle slope of the Altenberg with its gravel soil allows the Chardonnay grapes to ripen very well. At night, the entire site cools down considerably due to the cool soil and the nearby forest, and the acidity and freshness of the berries are retained. Haidacker is in the foothills of the Schüttenberg and Rosenberg mountains and brings the ripe fruit to this Chardonnay thanks to its warm loess soil.


Manual harvest with only selected very ripe grapes, on 7th-9th September, 2022. After harvest a selection process of whole cluster & single berry is carried out in the winery. Grapes are carried in large crates and before fermentation they go through a 4 hour mash time. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel at 20°C. After fermentation it rests for 4 weeks on the yeast. After 1st racking the wine is stored on the fine yeast for a further 3 weeks.

Enjoy with light, grilled meat or with cream- or wine-sauce such as poultry, veal or fish, pastries and soufflés & dishes with asparagus. Ideal drinking temperature 8 °C.

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