Christina St. Laurent 2021

Christina St. Laurent 2021

4/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: St. Laurent
Alcohol: 11% abv
Type: Dry Natural Red, Unfiltered & Unfined
Vintage: 2021
Format: 75cl
Classification: Landwein
Region: Niederösterreich
Country: Austria





Light ruby-garnet red, juicy sour cherry & cranberry aromas on the nose, spicy & earthy flavours accompany. Elegant & well defined with exciting acidity on the palate, again taste of red berry on the finish.


 Carnuntum is a wine region located in eastern Austria, near the city of Vienna. It is known for its long history of winemaking, even dating back to the time of the ancient Romans. The region takes its name from the ancient Roman city of Carnuntum, which was an important military and trading center during the Roman Empire.


Harvested on the 7th of September 2021. Whole bunches are sorted gently in closed fermenters &  fermented as whole grapes. The slow fermentation starts within the berry. After ten days as whole bunches the must is pressed & put in oak vats to finish the remaining fermentation. Malolactic fermentation is carried out in the same oak vats. Six months rest time in the oak vats before being bottled unfined & unfiltered. 


Juicy sour cherry & cranberry aromas, spicy and earthy on the palate. Carbonic-maceration red at its best! Certified organic.

Ideal drinking temperature 12 °C.


Craziness Level - Natural Wines - Unfined - Unfiltered - No Sulfites - Austria - Buy Austrian Natural Wine in Malta

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