Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

8/10 by Flaviar

Mash: Malted barley & organic corn.
Alcohol: 42% abv
Type: Spirit
Vintage: N.V.
Format: 70cl
Region: Glendalough                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Country: Ireland




Upon its release, this whiskey won double gold at The World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. It really is an Irish whiskey that will make you think twice about Irish whiskey. A lovely, light and drinkable whiskey, it’s also complex with a depth of flavour beyond its years. Aged twice in barrels from far sides of the world, the flavours are a game of two halves. American oak Bourbon barrels bring sweet honey and smooth vanilla notes, laying down the foundations of the flavours. The Spanish oak Oloroso barrels layer on dried fruit, and nutty flavours. The best Oloroso casks,  come from the small Andalusian town of Montilla, home of the famous PX grape. The bodega, the liquid, the time seasoning, and eventually the casks are all chosen form here. This gives more influence on the flavours in this Double Barrel whiskey. The nose is rich with dark fruit, cherry, raisin, fig and Christmas pudding. Floral notes with lemongrass, citrus and a touch of nutmeg. Palate is sweet and smooth, with butterscotch, honey and peppercorn, dried fruit, maraschino cherries and brown sugar. IT finishes with ginger spice, a touch of almond and earthiness.