Nature Pur Terroir 2018

Nature Pur Terroir 2018

3.9/5 Vivino Rating

Grape: Alvarinho
Alcohol: 12.5% abv
Type: Dry Natural White, No Sulphur
Vintage: 2018
Format: 75cl
Designation: Vinho Verde DOC
Region: Monção e Melgaço
Country: Portugal





The first Alvarinho produced without the addition of sulphites. This is a natural wine, which is completely different and unfiltered. This wine may be quite divisive, but it carries the responsibility of taking this grape variety to the limit in its “Pur Terroir” of Monção and Melgaço.

This wine has an intense gold-yellow colour. Despite the absence of added sulphites, the aromas are full of minerality and fruit. The flavour is complex, demanding to be discovered with curiosity and enthusiasm. Soalheiro Nature boasts mouth-watering acidity, but also a soft and round texture from the complete malolactic fermentation. The finish is long and intense. If the lees are stirred before serving the wine will have even more volume in the mouth.

The colour and the aromas of this wine are intense, with a complex flavour profile which demands to be discovered with enthusiasm: it is, after all, a 100% Alvarinho, made without added sulphites and with complete alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. The wine is bottled unfiltered, so deposit may be present inside the bottles. This deposit plays an essential role in protecting this one-of-a-kind Soalheiro from oxidation and allows the wine to age gently.


The Minho wine region, also known as the Vinho Verde region, is located in the northwest of Portugal. It is one of the country’s most well-known wine regions and is primarily known for producing Vinho Verde wines. The Minho region has a maritime climate, influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is characterized by mild temperatures, high humidity, and frequent rainfall. These conditions are conducive to the growth of grapes and contribute to the region’s vibrant, green landscape.


A very unique microclimate influences the growth of these Alvarinho grapes. The Monção and Melgaço region is protected by a range of mountains which create the perfect rainfall, temperature, and sunshine conditions for the best ripening of Alvarinho. The soils are granite, and the vineyards are all certified organic, facilitating the production of a wine without sulphites. The grapes are grown using practices that support biodiversity and the viticultural ecosystem, promoting environmental sustainability.


Alvarinho grapes are hand-harvested from the Quinta de Soalheiro vineyards. The wine is fermented in stainless steel without the addition of sulphites and, following alcoholic fermentation, it undergoes a complete malolactic fermentation. This ensures the wine’s stability. Soalheiro Nature is bottled unfiltered, leaving some sediment. This deposit plays an essential role in protecting the wine from oxidation and allowing it to age gently.

Food Suggestions

Soalheiro Nature is a wine best accompanied by food. Its round body and unique flavour profile make it the perfect wine to be paired with heartier plates. We recommend fatty fish dishes, lamb, duck, roasted chicken, mature cheeses, and anything in a cream sauce or with mushrooms, such as a nice risotto.

Ideal serving temperature –  10°C.


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