Viña VIK

This project was started in 2004 by Alexander and Carrie Vik, driven by their passion and desire to create a unique and extraordinary wine. They ventured into this ambitious project with the will to achieve one single-minded goal: create a wine that would enter the Pantheon of the great wines of the world.

With this in mind, and with the same determination that led Alexander to succeed in other businesses, they started following this path and encountered their first challenge: finding the best terroir for red wine. With a team of oenologists, climatologists, geologists, viticulturists and agronomists led by Patrick Vallete, they began a thorough search of South America to find the location that met all the requirements to produce the perfect grapes that could, in time, give life to an unprecedented wine. After a two year extensive search, the choice of optimal climatic and soil conditions led them to purchase over 4,300 hectares of astonishing Chilean wilderness where they planted over 327 hectares of vines.

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